Astornaut (Buzz Aldrin) salutes U.S. flag on the moon.

How do I define Culture, Technology, and Art?


Culture is the culmination of a groups customs, traditions, interests, and identity. Alone, each of these things do little to define what a group may be, but together they help others understand what makes a group unique. Many people have the misconception that culture only  refers to countries however, any group of people united by any of these qualities can make up their own specific culture. This consists of but is not limited to: college culture, neighborhood culture, club culture, and many more. It gives people a word to define what unites them with others.


Technology is anything that humans create to make life easier. Anything from a mechanical pencil to a hadron collider can be defined as a piece of technology. A mechanical pencil makes it easier for us to write for longer periods of time and not have to sharpen anything, and a hadron collider makes it easier for us to study the universe. However, since making a piece of technology requires a lot of thinking, technology often crosses over with art as people appreciate the work and thought that goes into its creation, much as they do other forms of art.


To me, almost anything can be perceived as art. It is hard to define what is and what isn’t art. A piece of metal to one person is junk, but a piece of metal to another person is a brilliant art piece. Personally, I think that anything that anyone has put work into and can give it meaning is art. This is the only way that abstract categories of art can make sense to me. A line on a piece of paper isn’t that impressive. Give it a meaning that can move people emotionally or make them think? That is.


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