After leaving class on Tuesday and finding out what our activity this week would be, I was actually not looking forward to it that much. Analyzing posts on Instagram sounded complicated as it’s so unpredictable what people will post. For all I knew, people could post pictures of walls just to get the activity over with, and that wouldn’t give me much to off of other than saying the class is lazy. However, looking at people’s post now, it seems that many actually put effort into them, and a common quality between most of the posts was not hard to find.

Scrolling through the feed of the #art110s15 hashtag, it all seemed… random. There was everything from a person at the rec center, to a dog out in some place I’ve never heard of. I thought that I could look at the captions and work off of something there, but I got nothing. Then, after scrolling through the feed again, the common quality stuck out like a sore thumb. Almost everyone who posted a picture included at least one other person in their photo, and if not that, they didn’t even show themselves. To me this paralleled how social life is today even outside of the internet. Sometimes it’s scary to be out in front of a bunch of people alone, and nowadays, a social network like Instagram is no exception. I was not exempt from this fact, in fact, even the posts I had with other people, I didn’t show myself. I don’t know what it is, but I realized that I just don’t enjoy being in front of the camera that much taking a picture of my boba or my friends seemed way better than one of myself.

I believe that if this “social experiment” did anything, it’s that it showed us how much social media as become part of our lives. So much so that it’s starting to mimic how we act in real life. On social media we aren’t physically in front of anyone. We are just looking at a computer or phone screen, yet somehow we can still get happy, anxious, or even sad from what we see on these screens. The invention of social media is still fairly recent, and every year there seems to be a new way to “socialize” online. If this is how engrained we are in it today, who knows how dependent we’ll be on it in the future.


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