Wk3-Interview-Magdalena Acevedo


Only the second gallery meeting for the class and it’s already starting to feel like a routine; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This week, I got caught up in a conversation with another friend on the way to class making me arrive later than usual. I wasn’t late to class by any means, but by the time I got to the galleries, most people were already having a conversation with another classmate. To be honest it was pretty awkward trying to find someone to talk to because everyone seemed to have a partner already. I even ended up asking someone not in the class by mistake. Ironically, while searching, I saw a girl rushing into the courtyard a couple minutes late, and it gave me the perfect opportunity for a partner. That’s when I met Maggie.

Magdalena “Maggie” Acevado is an undeclared freshman from Valley View High School. She is still a little unsure about what she wants to pursue in college, but is thinking about taking a path in math or design. She said that her uncle is an engineer, and that he suggested that occupation to her, she has also liked art for as long as she can remember, and she thought that design would be a good combination of the two subjects. She hopes that she can figure out the path she wants to take in the upcoming semester.

My conversation with Maggie seemed to be going a little slow and it was a little hard to keep up the conversation; she seemed a little shy and sometimes awkward. In the middle of our conversation, a girl comes up to us and starts talking to Maggie. At first I thought it was a little rude, but then Maggie told me that this was her friend. We told her that this conversation was part of a class assignment, and she apologized. She told me that she wasn’t even part of the class, but Maggie asked her to keep her company. After this, Maggie seemed to open up a little more as her friend helped facilitate the conversation and keep it going. After this, I realized that Maggie might not be the kind of person that you can learn about just by talking to her, but by talking to her friends. The support her friend showed for her, and how invested she seemed in Maggie showed me that Maggie is the type to not open up right away, but when she does she can become a great friend. I was told in high school that I needed to learn how to be open with people, but my experience with Maggie taught me that not everyone has learned this lesson, and that you yourself may have to help them open up.


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