Wk4-Artist Interview-Makaila Palmer


Many people see artists as single entities. When you think of famous artists people like Picasso, Da Vinci, and Rembrant come into mine. What struck me about the artist I met, Makaila, is how much she wants her and her friend, who was also featured in the gallery, to be seen as partners. The whole time I was in the group listening to her, she seemed to mostly talk about her friend. Unfortunately, her friend was not there to talk with us, as she was taking a test at the time, but Makaila was more than happy to tell us about her. She explained how these art pieces work in tandem with each other to show places that they have been and also how these places can be re-imagined with things like space and animals.

Makaila and Rachel’s main medium is oil paint on canvas. These art pieces are arguably some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. the different “textures and animal elements” (as explained to us by Makaila) of Rachel’s pieces are pretty awe inspiring. The specific picture I put of the galaxy/octopus as the featured image specifically stood out to me. Makaila mentioned that Rachel would often start her pieces out by splattering paint randomly throughout her canvas and uses her results to inspire her paintings, and work off from there. In this galaxy painting, you can easily see how the patterns of the stars could have started out as paint splatters, and how Rachel worked off of those to create a galaxy type landscape.


Makaila on the other hand, defined her pieces as “memory-scapes.” She defined this term as “pieces that combine multiple memories into one space”, but also mentioned the disclaimer that this word has different meanings to different artists. The specific pieces present at the gallery were those inspired by her trips to Florence that she recently experienced during a study abroad trip. She also said that to create more interest in the paintings, she designed each piece’s color scheme after colors of euro bills. This gave the pieces a more abstract look that worked really well with the theme of the pieces. She ended her speech on her pieces by saying that we should all try and study abroad for at least one semester in college as it was an amazing experience for her that really changed the way she viewed things.



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