For the first category of videos, I decided that I would take a look at what kind of projects were being proposed for the industry that I want to get into. I decided to look at the staff sponsored pick of the week to see if it really was any good, and it urned out it was! What I think made this project good, and why the project had so many backers, is the production quality of the video. The video felt like a professionally made behind the scenes featurette for the movie being filmed. This combined with the actual presence of work by the director in the video give people the confidence to donate to the project. Had the video looked not well-made, and been very vague about what the production quality would actually be like, then people would not be as willing to contribute.

The second video is almost the complete opposite of the first one. It revolves around supplying funds to a family in order to made a golf instructional video in which their son is the one who teaches. The video for this project seems very amateur, and doesn’t seem to actually show what the son is capable of. Most of it is just him hitting the ball like any kid taking golf lessons, and then telling the camera what he did. I’m sure this kid is more capable than that if his parents have the confidence to ask for $12,000, but the video does not do a good job of representing that. That is probably the reason the project has zero backers. This just goes to show how much a video has influence over the funding of a project.






For my second category, I decided I would go with my second favorite thing to do: photography. The first video is about a photography book that documents the life of Americans during the period of civil unrest in the United States. The video is filmed like a documentary, and clearly states what the creator of the book wants to accomplish. Examples of his work are shown throughout the video and they are exactly what he is talking about. They show sides of the civil unrest that have never been seen before.

The second video is probably the worst one I found while searching. The description is vague, the video is obviously made poorly on iMovie (doesn’t even have music), and the quality of the boys photos are nothing to really talk about. I didn’t want to sound too mean, but when people want to put their money somewhere, I doubt many of them would actually want to give it to a 10year old with taking pictures with their mother’s iphone. These videos show that when it comes to money, people actually care about what they’re doing. More than when they like a video on youtube.


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