Wk5-Artist Interview-Dianna Franco


Most of the time, the art I like is the realistic type. Even if the topic is fantasy, like dragons or demons, I like to see “realistic” paintings of them. So walking into gatov-west this week, I wasn’t too keen on the paintings shown. These abstract type of paintings usually confuse me and the first thought I got was “I could totally paint that”. Actually, I heard that from a lot of people. This made me wonder why abstract painting is so popular. I mean, I don’t think abstract paintings are bad, I just don’t understand them. So I decided I would make that my objective of the day; to discover why people like abstract paintings.

I looked around the gallery, observing the paintings looking for something that would interest me. From afar, nothing really grabbed my attention, however when I moved closer I realized that the paintings actually had a sort of texture to them. (shown below. The texture looks like a result of the type of paint, and the brushstrokes of the artist. I thought that this might be the reason, but after looking at the textures for awhile, I began to lose interest again, and I thought there must be something else. It wasn’t until after looking at the artist statement, and talking to the artist that I discovered why people like these type of paintings.


The reason people like these type of paintings is the reason behind them. Dianna explained how her paintings are supposed to represent the relationship between nature and civilization and how the inner parts of these things can effect the outer parts. She explores this using saturated and neutral colors and different thickness paints. All of a sudden, these paintings became way more complicated than they looked, and I gained much more appreciation for what the artist accomplished. I no longer had the thought that “I could do this.”



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