Wk5-Interview-Joseph Cordoso


I’ve been told many times that I can talk for a long time, so long that I stopped one of my friends from working on a essay to talk for 3 hours (my bad). So when it comes to Art 110 conversations I have to remember to keep myself under control sometimes or else I’ll keep my classmate for way longer than they would probably want to be there. However, the classmate I met this week did not keep himself under control; not that that’s a bad thing.

When I first started talking to Joseph Cordoso, he seemed somewhat quiet. Most of the time he seemed to just ask me questions and didn’t seem to want to talk about himself at all. So I had the idea that this was going to be a very difficult conversation. However, to my surprise, things took a turn for the better. After he asked me many questions, I finally asked him if he wanted me to ask him any questions. Asking that question was like opening one of those cans that springs a snake at you. Joseph told me everything from the high school he went to, to his inspirations in life. Joseph is a Human Development sophomore from Long Beach. When asked what his major is about, he told me that psychology is the study of the abnormal, and human development is the study of the normal. He wants to become a student counselor and make a difference in high schools. When he was talking he seemed extremely passionate, and what I realized when he was talking is that not many people I meet in college seem this passionate. That made me kind of sad.

So what I learned from this experience is that more people in college need to be passionate. I know that not everyone can do what they want to do, but maybe if people learned to make their major their passion, things in college would be much easier. I myself am a film major, and when I go to my film class, I’m always excited and working feels a lot less like work. If more people in college felt like this about their classes, I think more people would be successful.


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