Wk6-Artist Interview-Alanna Marcelletti


Next to realism painting, mixed medium pieces are probably my favorite form of physical art. That’s why Alanna Marcelletti’s pieces grabbed my attention as soon as I walked into the gallery. I don’t know why, but the Gatov-West gallery has held my picked artists almost every week so far. Each of the pieces in the gallery do not seem like they would be that interesting on their own, but they added media to each piece added so much more visual interest, and made the pieces worth looking at.


Alanna’s gallery focused on how outside factors from society effect us as people. This idea was extremely prevalent in her pieces. They seem to be created in layers, as the bottom is a painting that looks like it could stand on its own, but over the top of some of them are some type of silk or fabric, and then paint on top of that. The layers of these paintings are like the layers of people’s personalities. As you move past each one, you uncover a whole side of them that you could kind of see before, but could never really know about until you strip away the layers.

I felt like this was the first gallery that really held a deep meaning behind the aesthetics. The other galleries were nice, but I didn’t always see or understand what the artists were trying to convey. Her artist state was also the best one by far, and gave the best and most intricate explanation of what the artist was trying to convey. It is obvious that Alanna is extremely passionate about what she does, and it really comes out in her work.


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