Wk7-Activity-Portrait Photography



So this week’s activity was right up my alley! The interest in my current major stems from some experience with photography, so I was pretty excited to do this weeks activity. From the very start I had some idea about what I wanted to do for this activity. I knew that my roommate had a pretty realistic looking BB gun so I knew that I had to have it in the photo. It took me almost the whole week to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, but on the way home this weekend I decided I wanted to go for something really dark; a suicide. However, things did not go exactly to plan…

The first major problem I ran into was pretty stupid on my part. I realized as soon as I got home that I forgot my tripod, which is pretty important when you want to take a self portrait. I wanted to make the ambience really dark so having minimal light was a must. I don’t have any professional lights either so I had to make do with the hall and room lights in my house. I decided that “dying” next to a doorway would give the most dramatic lighting for what i wanted to accomplish. As for the tripod situation, I decided to use my little brother as a makeshift tripod. I would put all the settings on the camera , and then have him take the picture after a quick lesson on dslr focus systems. For never using a camera like that before, I must say, he did a pretty good job.

For the actual taking of the photo, there were some complications I didn’t anticipate. The biggest was probably the strength of the lights in my house. For me, black and white photos focus a lot on contrast. If you have a black and white photo with a lot of similar tons across the photo, the photo just isn’t that interesting. The hallway light outside my door was not as bright as I was hoping. So I played with the setting on the camera a countless number of times trying to get the tone of light I wanted on the side of my body. The first thing that really helped make the light brighter was putting on a this blazer I had that had a somewhat reflective material. The results still weren’t optimal, but they were decent, so I slapped on some ketchup blood and went for it. I was about to settle for what I had, but then my brother had the idea to stand his phone up behind the door and turn on the flashlight. This worked A LOT better than I thought and actually created pretty much the exact image I wanted.


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