Wk7-Artist Interview-Juliette Angulo

As I said in my activity post, I was pretty excited learning that the theme of this week was photography. In the past I debated about becoming a photography major here at CSULB so I was very interested in seen the photography major’s work. I walked around looking at the gatov-west gallery first. The style of photography was very abstract and not the type I am particularly interested in. I do like that the photos had deep meanings or comments on society, I just wish they would have conveyed it in deeper ways. What those ways are I am not entirely sure, but I guess I’m just difficult like that.

IMG_1694 IMG_1686

I moved on from that gallery and found Juliette Angulo’s exhibit in the Merlino Gallery. As soon as I got in the pictures grabbed my attention. The cut outs were very different from anything I had seen before, and the military theme was relatable to me, because I have several family members in the military; I wen’t to find the artist and find out more about the gallery. I discovered that Juliette has a sister in the military who works with Apache helicopters, and is stationed in Kuwait for 9 months. Her gallery is meant to convey the loss and emptiness of he sister being gone in the military. Se feels like the lack of contact with her sister has caused a “hole” in her heart that is hard to fill.

IMG_1685 IMG_1684

I believe this gallery does a good job of representing the artist’s feelings and the message she is trying to convey. The cut outs of the pictures are very easy to understand and very well done. It is amazing the amount of time she took to cut out her sister from every single picture. They really show how even though she knows she’s around, she doesn’t really seem to be there. To me that is heartbreaking, but at the same time very compelling and clever at the same time.


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