Wk7-Interview-Jones Sin


Jones Sin is a second year Computer Engineering Technology major from Norwalk High School. He’s a native of so-cal and is taking Art 110 to fulfill a GE requirement. He was originally going to be just a Computer Engineering major, but he changed it to Computer Engineering Technology major because he believes that it’s more hands on, and more of what he wants to do. He grew up in a household that was pretty strict until he entered high school, which I could relate to.

I learned from him that you can’t win all the time. Usually when I have conversations, they can usually open me up if I am having trouble talking to them, and I can usually do the same if they are having trouble opening up. Jones however was different. The conversation kind of progressed slowly eventually picking up some speed. However, it didn’t get too in-depth and kind of stayed that way for the whole talk. We did seem to connect on some levels as we had a few interests that were the same, but the biggest feeling I got from him was that he wanted to leave and move on to the artist’s galleries.

In the end I was less disappointed that I didn’t get a lot of information to work off of, but that this conversation seemed to be the least fulfilling out of all the other interviews I’ve done so far. But, as you learn in life, you can’t always get everything you want. You learn to make do with what you have, and take satisfaction in other things, not just people.


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