Wk8-Artist Interview-Nolan Reiter

The presentation of art is a log more important than people think. A lot of times it contributes to a majority of people’s response to it. When a beautiful painting is in a museum, people work extremely hard to place it in the right spot so that it will get the attention it deserves and help convey the meaning that the artist wants. If the painting was placed slanted in a corner behind the counter, no one would see it and even if they did it would feel off. Nolan Reiter’s gallery had an excellent setup, and is the epitome of great presentation.

IMG_1732 IMG_1731

I am a big fan of simplicity, so felt drawn to Nolan’s work the minute I walked into his gallery. The few prints hung by the simple string hangers were perfect, and the fact that most of his paintings were only made up of a few colors just added to it. For his art piece about the mountain climbers, his presentation actually added to it. He made a print of a climber and copied it 12 times to represent 12 climbers that died on a mountain. Had he just printed 12 climbers onto one sheet it might not have the impact of having 12 full sized prints lined up in front of you. It really gives more significance to each life rather than the group as a whole.


My favorite piece would probably have to be the one of a man’s face on an orange background with some letters. To me, the man’s face is very expressive. He almost seems as if he is sad, and the letters seem to support this with the phrase “The Zabbalee of (unreadable) also known as nothings”. In the future I would love to see more artists that use this type of presentation as I think it is very attractive. I know every artist is different, but I think all artists deserve great presentation. IMG_1734


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