Wk8-Interview-Ben Lee


I haven’t always wanted to be in the film industry and study film in college, but I’ve always wanted to be or do something. In pre-school it was an astronaut, in elementary school it was a historian, in high school it was a teacher, and now it’s a cinematographer. What I sometimes have to remind myself is that not everyone has something that they think they want to be. Sure everyone thinks about it at one point, but there are points in people’s lives where they may not necessarily know what they want to do, and they are just going along with what life gives them. That’s where I think my classmate Ben Lee is at.

Ben Lee is a second year Computer Engineering major from Arcadia high school (computer engineering majors two weeks in a row!!). I first saw him sitting quietly when I arrived to class this week. He seemed friendly enough at first glance, so I asked him to have a conversation with me. He first talked to me about my experience as at school since he knew it was my first year, and gave me some advice about school. I proceeded to ask him about where he’s staying right now, and some of his interests. He lives in the Park Avenue apartments and we have similar interests in some anime series and video games. When I asked him about what he wanted to do his degree, he began to stumble.

When he first entered CSULB he was a Computer Engineering Technology major. Despite not knowing what long term situation he wants to end up in, he did know that he wants to work on new technology, and that major deals more with learning current technologies, so he changed his major to just Computer Engineering. He did say he might be interested in helping develop technology and maybe even inventing something of his own one day.


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