Cognitive Map


New Walkways


For my redesign of campus, I thought I would take professor Zucman’s advice and revise how the walkways in school work. Sometimes walking around school can be cumbersome and at times dangerous. The combination of people on their cell phones, fast skaters and bikers, and normal pedestrians is just a mess. Almost everyday I see someone almost get hit by a skater or a person on their cellphone run into someone. I want my design to help reduce the amount of, or maybe even eliminate, the amount of accidents like these.

On the bottom right is a top down view of the new layout of the walkways. Regular pedestrians, cellphone users, and regular pedestrians all have a designated lane. My design would make the walkways wider, but I think we can sacrifice a little grass if it means safety is improved. On the left is a 3-Dimensional drawing of the walkway. I imagined there to be railings on the skating/cycling lanes to add even more safety, but I think the can be optional as it does also trap people in the center requiring there to be designated exits, instead of being able to exit anytime. On the top left are the symbols that would be on the ground to help guide the people where to go, as well as letting them know which lane they are in.


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