Wk9-Artist Interview- Tiffany Le


This week, there were several different artists at the galleries as there was a main show as well as two group shows. The artist I chose this week wasn’t physically at the gallery, or at least I didn’t catch her, but I like her piece so much that I felt the need to write about it. i felt like the piece was a great combination minimalistic, abstract, and realistic art, along with deep meaning behind the piece. So for this piece, I referred to the artist statement to gain insight on the piece.

Le decided to go for a different approach with her drawing in this piece than traditional ones you see with most artists. Rather than drawing on one large canvas or paper, she drew on separate pieces of paper, and have them presented in a non rectangular fashion, even going so far as to have a hole in the piece. It amazed me that ever piece of paper seemed so carefully detailed and skillfully crafted that each one could be a piece of its own. The colors aren’t completely realistic, and used very sparingly contributing to the abstract minimalistic look, but at the same time, each fish is realistically drawn presenting a nice juxtaposition of styles.


In her statement, Le describes how this piece was inspired by her studies abroad in China. When she was there she saw ponds with fish like these, and the minute swimming patterns of the fish was interesting to her. This piece attempts to convey these movements to us. I believe she accomplishes this really well by using the curve, and direction of all the fishes to cause our eyes to kind of swim with them. It presents a beautiful flow to it that just makes you look all around the piece and not focus on one spot. She also uses light colors to resemble the movement of water around these fish, making the piece even more beautiful.


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