WK9-Interview-Kelsey Lewis


To be completely honest, the past few interviews of classmates I have done in class have been somewhat lackluster. Now this is not to say that any of these people are not interesting, but maybe that it is harder to open them up, or get to know them better in just 15 or 20 minutes.  Given this fact, this week’s conversation was a good refresher, as I met someone more open with their life, and willing to share it; Kelsey Lewis.

People in class seem to be coming earlier and earlier to get conversations done, and have more time with the artists, so there were not a lot of people by themselves when I arrived to class Thursday morning. I went back farther into the courtyard in hopes of finding someone, and luckily I saw Kelsey sitting on her own. We both mentioned from the start how we are kind of socially awkward, so starting conversations can be hard. Ironically, this actually made talking to her more comfortable. Kelsey is a first year Journalism major  from Modesto High School in Central Valley. She is interested in becoming a photo journalist in the future.

As we began to talk, it became clear that we had similar personalities and interests. We both like art, taking pictures, video games, and have weird hiccup occurrences that neither of us can explain. Overall, it became less of a conversation about getting facts for some blog post, and more of just a conversation between two people who just met. This was awesome for me as I am a talker, and I can talk to someone for hours if they ask the right question, but it’s nice when the person you are talking to has just as much to say. If every conversation I had with someone went like this, I’d probably be talking to people left and right.


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