Wk10-Activity-Video Montage

Being a film major, I do my best to save money and build up my library of film equipment. Recently I was able to purchase a steady cam for myself. A steady cam is a piece of equipment that uses a set of weights to counterbalance a camera and create a steady image that would be hard to get, or even impossible to get, by just holding the camera with your hands. It is not the easiest piece of equipment to use, so i took my time practicing with it. When I finally felt somewhat comfortable, I took my camera and steady cam to school to take some test footage.

After practicing watching several videos about it, and practicing at home, shooting at school actually turned out pretty well. I dragged a couple of my friends out into the field next to our dorm building and had them walk through the grass. I didn’t intend for the video to be a “short film” per say, but more of a collection of shots that I could reference back to when I use this piece of equipment later on.

Once I was finished shooting the video, I took it back home and edited the clips together attempting to make something coherent, and aesthetically pleasing. Below are the results of this effort. All in all I think that it turned out pretty well, however after watching it a few times, I already found things I don’t like, but I fell like that’s natural for any project. I hope that in the future I can put this new toy to some good use and make an actual short film with it.


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