Wk10-Artist Interview-Group Show

I know the artist interview is normally supposed to be with one artist, but the group show this week was particularly interesting, and frankly worth any points lost in the process. I am choosing to write about the group show “Just Don’t Clog the Sink (aka the plaster show)”

Walking around the galleries Thursday, I saw many beautiful, and some weird, pieces of art as usual, but nothing stuck out as much as the “Just Don’t Clog the Sink” group exhibit. When you first walk into the room you are greeted with a multitude of weird sounds, from springs to running water, and it’s almost like you are in a cartoon. That in itself was enough to keep me in that exhibit; I even called my friend, who is also in the class, over to check it out.The artist statement was somewhat vague on the meanings of the pieces in the exhibit, but one thing was clear; they want people talking about this show, and I am sure they accomplished their goal.

The first piece that caught my eye was the one of two breasts with door stoppers being plucked over and over. I’m not going to lie, my instinctual male side saw breasts and automatically drew me towards the piece. After closer examination however, I did find more appeal to it other than the breasts. The goofiness was so over the top that it brought me back to when I was a little kid watching “Tom and Jerry” where goofy scenarios and weird sounds were common. After looking at the other pieces I began to understand what these pieces were about, or at least what they meant to me.


The outlandishness and plain weirdness of the pieces brought a sense of child like playfulness. Sometimes art gets so caught up in the “deep meanings” and “underlying message” of every piece, that it is forgotten how fun art can be. It doesn’t always have to be so serious or deep. Sometimes seeing door stoppers on a pair of breasts is all someone needs to brighten up their day and help contribute to their life.


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