Wk10-Interview-Julian Pineda


Sadly, family isn’t always super important in a person’s life. I have several friends who could care less about what’s happening in their family, and prefer being out of the house all the time. For me personally, family is and will forever be a major point in my life. Even when I’m really busy, I do my best to come home and see my family when I can, and have phone calls with my mom when I’m away at school. So having a close knit family is something I can really relate to, and is something I enjoyed hearing about from my classmate Julian Pineda and his family.

Julian Pineda is a freshman Criminal Justice Major from Lake Elsinor, Riverside. His whole life he has grown up in a family of people who have worked in law enforcement, and feels natural going into this major. His plan is to first graduate college so that he can join the the rangers as an officer in the military. Afterwards he want’s to join the FBI and follow in the footsteps of his brothers. When he talked about joining the FBI, you could hear the relationship with his brothers in his voice, and how much he looks up to them. After explaining his career path, Julian started talking more about his relationship with his brothers. He mentioned how they would watch, and have debates about movies almost becoming critics or sorts.

My talk with Julian was a refreshing change from my friends who lack a relationship with their family. It almost makes me want to convince my other friends to make more of an effort to spend time with their family. I know it’s really not my place to make them do anything, but seeing the joy that talking about our family brings to Julian and I makes me want them to experience the same thing.


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