Wk11-Activity-Plaster Casting

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would get to this weeks activity. My schedule this past week was filled, and my family planned for a vacation from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening. Luckily, we were able to by materials before we left and arrive home with just enough time to do it, and I was glad we did.

Not being able to go to the beach, I still wanted to save as much money as I could while doing this project. So before I left for vacation with my family, the only thing I bought was plaster. When we got home on Sunday evening, I scavenged through the garage, and the backyard and was able to get my hand on a bucket, sand, and painters sticks. The first obstacle I ran into during this project was making the sand for the mold. Beach sand has a very specific consistency that makes it perfect for making things like molds or sandcastles. However, the sand I found in my backyard was very coarse, and getting the right ration of that and water was very difficult. Eventually I was able to get a somewhat decent consistency that could hold a mold, albeit a little wetter than I wanted it.

IMG_2014 IMG_2022

Mixing the plaster and water was not as hard as I expected it to be so the only worrisome part was getting the plaster into the mold without it collapsing. Once I had the mixture, I had my dad pour it partly so I could take a picture, and partly because I was scared to do it myself. Unfortunately, the mold was a little too wet and the plaster caused some of the mold to become visibly uneven before we were even done pouring however there was nothing we could do.

IMG_2026 IMG_2029

After about 45 minutes I came back to the bucket and actually had high hopes foe the mold. I knew that there would be some deformities from the pouring, but I thought the fingers and most of the hand seemed pretty solid. Upon digging it out however, I discovered that the plaster, for some reason, did not make it all the way down the mold causing stumps, instead of fingers, to form. The pouring also caused weird streak lines down where the arm would be.

IMG_2031 IMG_2032 IMG_2033

Things don’t always go to plan, and this project was definitely one of those things. If I had more time, I would have gone to the beach and used the sand there, or maybe spent a little more time making my mold. Despite this, I still think the piece came out pretty interesting for what it was, and what it was supposed to be. I am definitely going to try this again someday.


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