Wk11-Artist Interview-Patricia E. Rangel

I’ve always had an affinity to anything made from wood. Not to say I’m like attracted to trees or beaver dams, I’m more attracted to finished, polished products like pieces of art or furniture. Something about the idea of turning a tree, so rough and random, into an object that could fit in any room, with any design, for a multitude of utilities amazes me. That’s what drew me to Patricia E. Rangel’s gallery.

IMG_1966 IMG_1965

Rangel seems to be fascinated with how wood, combined with other materials like metal and dirt can convey different things. She mentions how dirt, in particular, “has the ability to present vulnerability, failure, strength, potential, – promote growth and change.” If you think about dirt hard enough, how it moves when you handle it, and what can be done with it, all of these qualities that she mentions don’t seem so abstract. If not placed properly, dirt will collapse under the the smallest of weight, but if compacted properly in , and in the right place, it can support a whole building.

IMG_1967 IMG_1968

Rangel also mentioned that the materials she uses for her art pieces are taken from places that are significant to her. To me that shows how immersed she really wants to become in her art. Not only do the pieces have meaning, but the material it is made of does too. I am not too involved in the fine arts, but I can imagine that when there is meaning or feelings behind your medium, it can make inspiration a lot easier to attain, and also make a piece more powerful.


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