Wk11-Interview-Jessa Camago


As Professor Zucman went through the index cards this week, the ones made by a girl named Jessa Camago kept catching my eye. These cards were very intricate, so intricate that they seemed typed or created on a computer. They seemed to so well done that I could easily imagine them to be the work of a graphic design major. So when Jessa came up to me asking for an interview this past thursday, it was all the more surprising to learn that she was on a completely different path.

Jessa is a freshman accounting major from Lancaster California. She enjoys math, hiking, and of course, drawing. When she first said her name, I automatically brought up the index cards, graphic design, and art in general; In fact, I think i was a little overwhelming. She stopped me to tell me that she was actually interested in becoming an accountant and living a calm subdued life. At first I thought “you’re so good at drawing, why would you want to be an accountant?” I felt like that was the only thing going through my mind so much that I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Then it dawned on me, she didn’t want to pursue that.

I’ll admit, realizing what someone has made pretty obvious sounds dumb. However, in my mind, I always thought that if someone was good at something, that meant that that’s what they wanted to pursue in life. Usually that’s the case, but what Jessa made me realize is that just because you are good at something doesn’t meant that you want to do it.


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