Wk12-Activity-Algorithmic Art

My Procedure:

  1. Pick a song
  2. If you hear “the” draw a circle
  3. If you hear “are” draw a cross
  4. If you hear “you” draw a triangle
  5. Work from left to right
  6. Stop when song finishes

My thinking when writing this procedure was whether or not I could demonstrate how the lyrics of a song are art themselves by having the words create their own piece of art. I decided that I would pick a few common words and link them to shapes that would be drawn ever time that word is said. I wanted to see if any interesting patterns or formations occurred given the repetitious nature of songs; the results were intriguing.

algorithmic art

What I noticed first after looking at the results was the interesting pattern of shapes. It almost created a timeline for the song with small segments representing verses, one pattern for the chorus, and another for the bridge. If you know the song well, you could almost imagine it while you look at the pattern. I had first drawn in with pen in a straight line, but decided to use marker and draw it in rows and columns to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Arranging it this way let you see which shape, and which word, was used most often in the song, and also give you an idea of how long the song was. This got me thinking whether linking songs to shapes in this way, but on a  grander scale would yield even more interesting results.


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