Wk12-Artist Interview-Piet Eppinga

IMG_2071 IMG_2070 IMG_2073

Most of the artists we see in the galleries here are from young students trying to get their art work out there for people to see. We rarely see people with people with a lot of years under their belt, or just older in general. So when I first arrived at the galleries this week and saw an older gentlemen talking to some students, I wanted to check it out.

In Eppinga’s artist statement, he tells a story of how, as a child, his parents received a truckload of sand for their farm which had large chunks of clay in it. His parents decided to give the clay to him and his brothers as a toy, and he grew up playing with this clay. This shows that this medium has a eep connection with him and helps explain his passion for it. He says that it reminds him of his childhood, and possibly links him to people who had used the clay previously. This type of experience is often times lacking in the younger artists in the galleries, as their childhood was not as far away in comparison to Eppinga, therefore the nostalgia is not as strong.

As for his actual pieces, they weren’t exactly my favorite pieces out of all the galleries I’ve seen. I was more interested in the amount of meaning he put behind each one. As he the group of students around, he explained each piece and how each detail seemed to have a specific meaning, from the texture, to the tiny shapes. This made it apparent how deeply he thinks about his art, and how carefully he created them. Overall I’d sayd he has a bright, albeit maybe late, future ahead of him.


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