Wk13-Artist Interview-Shihori Nakayama

A few weeks ago, and artist by the name of Tiffany Le struck my interest with her art piece depicting a group of koi fish. What made my enjoy that piece was how she separated her piece into multiple squares showing how her piece was show intricate that sections of it can stand alone. This is exactly the same feeling I got with Shihori Nakayama’s piece, except on an even more detailed scale.


Like Le’s piece, Nakayama’s has an asian, specifically Japanese, influence to it. However, Le’s piece had a more traditional feel to it, while Nakayama’s seems more pop culture influenced with its cartoonish characters, and use of cats and dogs. The level of detail in this piece is astonishing. It seems as if the closer you are to the photo, the more and more you see; It is like a never ending art piece. Trying to take in the entire art piece would take forever, which makes me appreciate the artist’s work a lot more.

IMG_2132 IMG_2133 IMG_2134

In the artist’s statement, they mention how they drew inspiration from their everyday life creating a sort of “personal journal” within the art piece. She even goes so far as to use photographs as reference and alter them to give them her own unique aesthetic. She explains this as her main way of expressing herself to others in a way that words can’t. I will never lose appreciation for artists who can dedicate this amount of time to a single piece. If I had her ability, I would record my life through drawings too.


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