Wk14-Artist Interview-Charles Banowetz

Painters use a countless number of ways to express themselves. However, one method that I feel is neglected is the shape of the canvas that the pieces are painted on. Seeing Charles Banowetz’ gallery was a refreshing break from the pieces we usually see with normal dimensions. This combined with his interesting reason for the unorthodox shape made for an interesting gallery.

Banowetz mentions in his artist statement that he wants to convey a sense of perspective through the use of foreground, middle ground, and background. Having taken a road trip from San Francisco to Alaska, Banowetz took the time to examine landscapes in various places along his trip in order to gain inspiration for his work. This is when he got the idea to use a long canvas for his paintings, not only because his pieces are landscapes, but also to represent his long travel.

I think that more artists should use different size canvases as a way to express things in their pieces. A lot of artists create beautiful, out of the ordinary pieces on boring, normal canvases. I think many of these pieces could be elevated just by a change of dimensions.


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