Wk14-Interview-Pedro Morales

Every has a story, and everyone has stories; that’s the great part about everyone being different. That’s also a reason why I like these conversations so much. It gives me an excuse to talk to people and hear these stories myself. The past couple interviews I’ve been mostly hearing poeples’ stories, and not the stories they have to tell. This week however, my classmate Pedro Morales surprised me with a few weird stories that sounded just as fun to tell, as they were to listen to.

Pedro Morales is an undeclared freshman from Jordan High School north Long Beach. He is currently interested in pursuing either film or engineering. The conversation seemed to be going pretty normal until Pedro brought up his job at a Pizza Hut as a delivery man. From that point he began telling me several different stories and experiences from his job; some good, most bad. I proceeded to ask him about his different stories, and he told me how he’s learned to be immune to peoples’ anger, and how to get to places really fast. It was really interesting to hear how these experiences contributed to his personality as a whole.

What I learned from my conversation with Pedro is that everyone is the way they are from experience. Yes, some of it is just how we were born, but the majority of our personality is based off of the people we meet, and our interactions with them. The more I looked back on my life after my talk with Pedro, the more I realized how true this is. Many of my habits, sayings, and hobbies are taken directly from my friends.


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