Wk15-Artist Interview-Rebecca Kriz

This weeks gallery show was amazing! So choosing which artist to do was extremely hard. I decided that I would write about Rebecca Kriz is that I thought her work was very different from the other ones and in some ways more interesting. This is partly due to her inclusion of sculpture as well as her drawing pieces.


I spent at least a good 20min walking around before I decided which artist to pick, and what really drew me to Kriz’s show was her sculpture of animals. As Kriz wrote in her statement, I have also had a fascination with animals. Maybe not as much as her, but definitely some interest. Seeing her drawings really exposed me to the minute details and complexities that make up the skin and fur of animals. It oddly made me appreciate nature more, and now I kind of see animals as pieces of living art.


Overall the entire group show was more than I expected and gave me an amazing experience. If just a couple drawings from one artist can change my whole view on nature, than I wouldn’t expect anything less fro a whole group of artists at her level. I really hope to see more shows like this in the future, and maybe even make friends with some of the artists. I mean, who wouldn’t want a friend who could draw like that?


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