Wk15-Interview-Lizbeth Acosta


Usually when I talk to people, I end up talking a lot and sometimes bore them even. So when I learned that we were doing conversations at the beginning of the smester, I decided that I’d try keep myself under control. For the most part I was successful and didn’t overwhelm anybody with words. However, meeting Lizbeth this week was a nice break from that as she was probably the most open person I’ve talked to this semester and that allowed me to really open up too.

First walking up to her, she seemed like everyone else, working on her ID card waiting for someone to come talk to them. However, when I said “hi” to her, she immediately opened up and was very welcoming to the conversation. Lizbeth is a freshman kinesiology major from Santa Clarita. She has plans to become a personal trainer, and eventually a physical therapist. What struck me about Lizbeth was the drive I could hear from her. She sounded like a person who really knows what they want their path to be, and how they think they can accomplish that.

What I learned from her is that the more you open yourself up to people, the more they’ll open up to you. So maybe holding myself back this semester wasn’t the best idea. If I had let myself talk someone to death, then maybe I would’ve had more substantial conversations. At least now I know better for any conversations I have in the future.


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